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Are you are coming to the Transcend Festival this year? Will this be your first ever bike festival or family camping trip?

Don’t waste time worrying about what to take, let us give you some guidance on how to enjoy a stress-free family trip.

STEP 1 – The Tent

If you don’t already have a tent, then choosing the right one is super important. It will depend on the number and age of your kids and the type of camping trips you plan to enjoy but there are a couple of things to consider when making a purchase;

  • Tent layout – ask yourself questions like ‘Can I stand up inside’ and ‘Is there space to get changed’? Ventilation when sleeping and ease of erection/deconstruction are also important factors.
  • of bedrooms – Do your kids need their own space at night or during the day? Is there enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably and with airbeds if needed?
  • Living space – Is there enough living space for a rainy day? How much space will you need – will you be cooking and eating inside the main area?
  • Warmth and Waterproofing – Polycotton tents will be warmer in the cool weather and cooler in the heat. A tent with a hydrostatic head (waterproofing) value of 3000mm should be adequate for most UK trips
  • Budget – The tent is often just the start of the camping equipment you will need to buy so it is important to set a budget before you start shopping.

Once you have your new tent do a ‘test pitch’ in the garden or at a campsite close to home. This way you can make sure you have everything you need and nothing is left behind by mistake.

Step 2 – Keeping Dry

  • Try not to set up camp under a tree, long after the rain stops raindrops will still be dripping on you!
  • Create an outdoor living room by fashioning a camping rain shelter and stringing up a tarp overhead. Set up some camp chairs and lanterns, put the stove on for a cup of tea and get some games going to keep spirits high
  • Layer up – Choose wool base/mid layers under a waterproof jacket. Pack extra wool socks for hanging out at camp.
  • Hang up wet clothes. Pack a camping clothesline and string it under a tarp or your tent porch to hang your clothes out to dry.
  • Consider rain trousers or gaiters. Morning dew can soak your trousers right through!

Step 3 – Stay Warm  

  • Wear warm clothes, especially at night-time
  • A hot chocolate goes a long way as does a tasty meal – we need more calories to maintain body temperature when it’s colder so make sure you fuel well
  • Get a 4-season sleeping bag, thermal liners will help increase the warmth of your sleeping bag and you can always put a blanket or duvet over the top if needed
  • Put a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag before you go to bed
  • Insulate under your sleeping bag, pop a blanket under your sleeping bag to stay warm at night as a lot of heat is lost through the ground

Step 4 – Sleep Well

  • Don’t forget to bring a pillow
  • Bring some favourite toys/teddies/blankets from home
  • Give your children their own torches or lanterns in case they need a night light
  • Consider child specific air beds with raised sides to help prevent them rolling off their sleeping mats in the night!


Step 5 – Light the Way 

Image Source: REI

  • Lights can help boost the ambiance of your camp – part of the fun for kids is being out in the dark.
  • Tealight lanterns and LED string lights are great ways to illuminate your area, check your tent has hooks to hang a lantern inside.
  • Lightweight head torches and glow sticks are perfect for kids to help them see at night without having to carry a heavy torch.

If everyone’s warm, dry and rested then the trip will be a great success whatever the weather!



If you’re stuck on what to take with you, have a look at this simple check list as a starting point:


We hope you have a fantastic weekend of riding bikes and family fun. Don’t forget to come and say in the Frog Bikes Kids Adventure Zone!

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