Bergamont Gritopia on the Bergamont Grandurance

Want to take on Bergamont Gritopia on the best gravel bike on the market? Lucky for you Bergamont are offering you the chance to demo a Grandurance for the event for only £5! 

“The Grandurance is from our “All Road” range of bikes, it’s a versatile bike designed to go anywhere your imagination allows from tarmac to gravel forest roads,” says Josh from the Bergamont team. “It’s equipped with 35mm tyres, Eyelets for mudguards and racks and finished with a X1 drivechain to tackle any climb with ease – like those big ones on the Gritopia course.”

“The fact it has a full carbon frame and fork ensures the bike absorbs small bumps with ease, but is also stiff enough to transfer power from the cranks to the road,” continues Josh. “Basically, the Grandurance is perfect for Gritopia and we are super excited to be able to offer people the chance to demo one for the event!”


What do I need to do?

  1. Head here
  2. Book a Grandurance for the Saturday 9.30am slot – it’ll cost you a £5 – then it’s yours for the day
  3. Head here
  4. Book your Bergamont Gritopia entry
  5. Stay where you are – Book festival tickets for the family, or book them onto an event, and get your camping spot reserved
  6. 7th June, make your way to the Tweed Valley for an epic weekend of bike, bants, beers & gid times at Transcend Bike Festival!


Dirt, Grit or Tarmac? Will grit be your new favourite answer?

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