Enjoyro – at Innerleithen?

Previously we have hosted our ‘entry-level’ enduro at Glentress BUT for 2019 it’s moving to Innerleithen as part of our Transcend Festival shindig!

Event Date: 09/06/2019

Event Location: Transcend Farm, Innerleithen, Tweed Valley


Does this mean it’s going to be scary difficult? What sort of trails will be involved? Can I still take part?


Of course! No worries necessary – it’s all good stuff!

For many Tweed Valley mountain bike riders, the step up from riding at Glentress to Innerleithen is a daunting one. The Innerleithen trails, quite rightly, have a big reputation – heck, even some of the world’s best riders had ‘moments’ when we brought the EWS here.

But don’t worry –  it’s not all super-tech and ‘too steep to walk down’ stuff here. Enjoyro will offer a variety of stages for a wide range of shredding ability – from relatively mellow trail centre descents, to some easier classic downhill trail sections and hand-dug enduro trails. There will be no big drop-offs and no vertiginous descents, but there will be plenty of quality trails with enough features and flow to keep everyone entertained and 100% tuned in to the ride!




There will be five race stages on the day – and we’d definitely recommend riding all of them – but only your best three results will count for your overall position in the race.  The two (slightly more technical) stages are top fun but optional, while the first three of stages are mandatory for everyone.

Those three will feature sweet descent sections of the famous Innerleithen Red XC route, with suitable gradient, features and fun for Enjoyro-ists.  It doesn’t matter which combination of stages you do best in – the more pedally stages are weighted equally with the more technical ones – so everyone has a chance to get good results.

Enjoyro 2019 Map

Pre-race practice? Why not! 

There is no official practice the day before the race, but here’s a map of a sample course, download the map. Come and ride the trails anytime over the next few months to get a feel for it all, but it’s no problem if you can’t as everything will be marked out and there will be no nasty surprises.

If you’re not sure where you’re going on a recce, the Trailforks app is very useful. And as ever, if you’re not sure about a trail feature, pull to the side and inspect the section on foot first!  The final course may be changed from what’s on the map, but it’s likely that most of these trails will be used, and any additional or replacement stages will be of a similar standard.

All the stage info, trails, transitions and info is emailed out the week before the event, so you’ll have all the info you need.

So, now that we have calmed your nerves, get signed up, come along and enjoyro yourself! 

Remember that Enjoyro is part of Transcend Bike Festival this year so bring the family, the kids, the dog and enjoy everything the festival has to offer.  Your event entry includes admission to the festival you’d just need to sort it out for the rest of the family.

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