G-Form Enjoyro 2018

G-Form Enjoyro 

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Event start/finish Peebles Hydro

Start 10.00am (TBC)


Course Map is here

Riders Notes are here

A fun and (mostly) fear-free experience for the enduro-curious, younger riders – or just those with not enough time for a full on enduro weekend. Or even if you just fancy a good day of enduro fun.

Welcome to the second year of our introductory-level enduro race, designed to provide a sweet way in to the joy of enduro racing. This is Enjoyro!

After last year’s sucess we are devoting a whole day to this event in 2018 – more riding time = more fun.

G-Form Enjoyro is for have-a-go enduro riders who might feel slightly intimidated by the perceived commitment, technical difficulty or length of normal enduro races. It’s also intended as a taster event for both adults and younger riders (age 12 and older*). Don’t worry if you spot people taking part who looks like they’re very experienced enduro types – chances are they’re accompanying one of the kids or a less experienced enduropal™. They’re not there to hunt you down (unless they’re your own off-spring perhaps).



Singletrack Magazine Editors Choice Award winner 2017

Chipps Chippendale said “I loved being able to ‘race’ in an unpressured environment; just me against the trail, and it seemed that the other racers also relished the chance to pin a number on and race on trails that are tough enough if you’re trying to go fast.”


About the course

The course has been carefully chosen to use enjoyable, flowy sections of blue and red trails in Glentress and a few natural sections too. It’s a good bit shorter than our Triple Crown enduro courses, and technically fairly straightforward. Please note there is no official practice day scheduled. All the trails are readily accessible and will generally be familiar to those who have ridden at Glentress before. The course will be published a good few weeks in advance too, so riders will have a good idea of what to expect, and the possibility of practicing informally in advance.

But the fun factor will still be turned up to full volume, with the start and finish at the lovely Peebles Hydro. The race also uses TweedLove’s enduro SI Entries timing system, with stages all fully taped, timed, marshalled and set up to our full enduro quality control.

It’s a proper enduro race course, just a bit and shorter and easier than most! Prizes for various categories will be detailed in the riders notes, but spot prizes and a sense of enduro brother-and-sister-hood will be the order of the day.

Overall the course is likely to be around 20km with around 4-500m of up and down to pedal.

 * Entry options:

Event is open for anyone 12 years of age or older. Children age 12 or 13 MUST ride with a responsible adult for the duration of the event. Children age 14 or 15 do not need to ride with a responsible adult, but must have parental consent to take part. Anyone age 16 or older is considered an adult. The entry options are as follows: Parental Consent Form here

Adult – £40

Entry open to anyone over 16 years old.

 Child – £30

For children age 14 or 15. Must have parental consent, but child does not need to ride event with a responsible adult.

Generations – £60 (for two riders). Keep it in the family!

A brand new way to race – for children age 12 or 13 riding with a responsible adult. Racing one after the other, both riders will have a timing chip and receive their own race times. Combined times will be available, but the final race results are for individual riders just like a normal enduro. The entry fee covers both riders.

Categories are dependant on entry numbers, and will be announced on the website and in the riders notes prior to the event.

Race Notes and all info will be emailed to all entrants prior to the event. The race will have at least three stages, all of which are downhill stages, but some may contain uphill sections.

Enjoyro T&Cs

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Nutrition & Training Plan

To help you on race day we have teamed up with HIGH5 to provide you with sports nutrition on course. HIGH5 will provide you with nutritious products with amazing natural flavours, whether you’re a new starter or an elite professional. 

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Want to get involved in other ways?

Join us as a volunteer drop us a line for more info and we’ll be in touch! It’s a lot of fun (honest) and you’ll have Bike Valley’s eternal thanks!