Ridelines MTB Enjoyro

Ridelines Enjoyro 2022

Our 'intro level' enduro. Ridelines Enjoyro provides a sweet way into the joy of enduro racing, eases you in gently and gives you an idea of what it’s like to tackle a full on enduro...





Perfect for the enduro-curious who might feel slightly intimidated by the perceived commitment, technical difficulty or length of normal enduro races and the perfect taster event for the younger riders; aged 12 or older*. eBike categories also available. From younger mountain bikers, to seasoned riders, everyone’s welcome!

“My first ever event and I loved it!” 2019 Rider 


Singletrack Magazine Editors Choice Award winner 2017

Chipps Chippendale said “I loved being able to ‘race’ in an unpressured environment; just me against the trail, and it seemed that the other racers also relished the chance to pin a number on and race on trails that are tough enough if you’re trying to go fast.”

What you get

  • Fully marked route
  • Electronic timing by SI systems
  • Feed stations with amazing locally-made cake and High 5 energy products
  • Podium Prizes
  • The best course medics
  • Safety marshals
  • Instant results service

Entry options

Adult – £48

If you’re 16 or over on 23 April 2022, this is the one for you.


Youth – £36

Aged 14 or 15 on 23 April 2022 this is the option for you. The parents can support from the side of ther track as you can ride this one alone… as long as they have given their consent – please bring a signed copy of this to registration with you.


Generations – £72 (for two riders one adult and one child (under 14)).

For those of you aged 12 or 13 you can take part with a responsible adult. You’ll race one after another, both riders will have a timing chip and receive their own race times. 

Note all riders need to be over the age of 12 by the 23 April 2022, Riders under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.




  • 12 – 13
  • 14 – 15
  • 16 – 39
  • 40+
  • E-Bike


  • 12 – 13
  • 14 – 15
  • 16 – 39
  • 40+
  • E-Bike
Parental Consent Form

All riders under 16 must have a filled out parental consent form.


E-MTB Stage

We’re very excited to announce that there will be an additional (but optional) stage specifically for E-bikes entries – this is predominantly a climbing stage.

Here’s how the race works: Everyone has to complete stages 1 – 4, and the combined times for all four stages provide the results. There are separate results categories for eMTB and standard MTB riders. The winners are the fastest combined times for all four stages.

The eMTB-only stage is predominantly an uphill and undulating stage rather than a standard enduro descent – part of the fun for eMTBS! This stage is not mandatory, and only available to eMTBS, and there will be spot prizes for the fastest times. Results for the eMTB stage do NOT count to your overall Enjoyro results though.

Please note: if you’ve got a Generations ticket, you cannot take part in the E-bike race unless both members of the Generations team are on an E-bike as well.

Ridelines Enjoyro Prep Course:

Want to take your preparation event further?  Ridelines are offering a 3 hour group skills session with their expert instructors for just £60. During this Enjoyro specific session you’ll cover the basics of how to clear trail features commonly found on the Enjoyro course.

What we will cover on this course

  • Ideal body position for descending and rough terrain.
  • Front wheel lifts for clearing rocks and roots.
  • Drop off techniques to clear step downs and big rollers.
  • A range of body movement tips for cornering and pumping for momentum.

On this course, you’ll spend some time off the main trails looking at positioning you correctly on your bike. Ridelines will explain the physics of absorbing trail features in the context of positioning and give you the tools to do it. You’ll also look at how this translates to slightly steeper terrain, cornering and rolling over common trail obstacles, all of which are features you’re likely to come across on the Enjoyro itself.

This course is exclusive to Ridelines / Tweedlove Enjoyro participants. Sign up HERE!


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The Small Print

Yes, see below;


If you’re 16* or over, this is the one for you.

*You’ll need to be 16 by 18 September 2021


Aged 14* or 15* this is the option for you. Don’t worry Mum or Dad can stay at home and you can ride this one alone… as long as they have given their consent – please bring a signed copy of this to registration with you.

*You’ll need to be 14/15 by 18 September 2021


For those of you aged 12* or 13* you can take part with a (responsible) adult. You’ll race one after another, both riders will have a timing chip and receive their own race times.

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We will send you all the specific event details you need in the form of Riders’ Notes approximately one week before the event. This will include info on the final event schedule, registration, the course, facilities and much much more.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the event, refunds will be available upon request (info@tweedlove.com) as follows:

– Over 2 months prior to event date | 75% refund

– 1-2 months prior to event date | 50% refund

– Less than 1 month prior to event date | No refund

Yes, please get in touch at info@tweedlove.com to transfer your entry. There will be an admin charge of £10.00 per ticket. No transfers will be allowed after 10 April 2022.

For safety reasons, NO rider may use another’s rider’s event number without the permission of the event organiser.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer the to defer a ticket to another event, however please get in touch at info@tweedlove.com and we can arrange to refund or transfer your ticket (as outlined above).

Nope! All you need to do is show us your email confirmation. We’d prefer if you didn’t print it, every little counts!

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