Pirelli TweedLove ProAm – British Champs 2022

Chain Reaction TweedLove Festival's big enduro - the Pirelli TweedLove ProAm. Undoubtedly one of the biggest and most sought after enduros in the UK calendar, this year it is also Round Six (the final, deciding round) of the British National Enduro Series and the British Enduro Championships 2022.

Pirelli TweedLove ProAm  – British Enduro Championships 2022: three days of riding (practice Friday/Saturday, race day Sunday). The course will be kept under wraps until the event but, as always, you can expect a top-notch mix of great Tweed Valley trails – a pro-level race course and event. You definitely don’t have to be a pro rider to take part, but this is a high standard race for experienced riders, so you can expect appropriate levels of physical and technical challenge.

(Please Note that there is no E3 category youth class. The Pirelli TweedLove ProAm – Amateur 2022 is its replacement.) 

“Best event I have done this year!” 2021 Rider



Full Course


  • Junior, Under 18
  • Under 21
  • Senior, 21 – 29
  • Master, 30 – 39,
  • Vet, 40 – 49
  • Grand Vet, 50+


  • Junior, Under 18
  • Under 21
  • Senior, 21 – 34
  • Master, 35 – 45
  • Vet 45+


  • Hardtail


Depending on how you want to enjoy your race day, you can choose to be seeded or not…

Seeded (Full Course) 

If you opt to be seeded you will be given start times for every stage of the race. You must complete all the race stages, and stick to the stage start schedule you’re given at registration. If seeded riders miss their start time they will be slotted in at the start marshals discretion. There are no time penalties for missing your stage start times BUT there is an overall course completion time and penalties apply if you don’t make this.

Choose this if you’re fast and if you want to minimise chance of encountering traffic while on the race course, with no uncertain queuing at stage starts, but be aware you might not be able to spend race day riding with your mates. You will need to select the seeded option if you wish to be included in the BNES series.

Non-Seeded (Full Course) 

Choose to be non-seeded if your priority is to ride with your mates. You’ll need to sign up with the same group name so you all get the same start waves. You are still given guide times to start each stage, and there’s an overall course completion time – penalties apply if you don’t make it. There’s more chance of being before or after a rider who is considerably faster or slower than you, but with less stress on the transition times, it’s a more sociable choice for many.

Short Course – E3

There will not be a short course version of this event — we have decided to give you your own race. If you would normally enter the E3 category please enter the Pirelli TweedLove ProAm – Amateur. This course will incorporate some of the stages from the British Championship course as well as some other stages.


The Small Print


Picture credit: Digital Downhill


Yes, unfortunately if you’ll be under the age of 16 come the 31st December 2022 you’ll need to sit this one out. However, you will be able to take part in the TweedLove ProAm – Amateur if you’re under 16!

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We will send you all the specific event details you need in the form of Riders’ Notes approximately one week before the event. This will include info on the final event schedule, registration, the course, facilities and much much more.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the event, refunds will be available upon request (info@tweedlove.com) as follows:

– Over 2 months prior to event date | 75% refund

– 1-2 months prior to event date | 50% refund

– Less than 1 month prior to event date | No refund

Yes, you can swap your entry yourself in SiEntries to a different rider until 1 month prior to the event. After this time please get in touch at info@tweedlove.com to transfer your entry, at this time there will be an admin charge of £10.00 per ticket. No transfers will be allowed after 2 September 2022.

For safety reasons, NO rider may use another’s rider’s event number without the permission of the event organiser.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer the to defer a ticket to another event, however please get in touch at info@tweedlove.com and we can arrange to refund or transfer your ticket (as outlined above).

Yes, If you own a SPORTident Air Timing / Active Timing Card and it is compatible with the system we are using your can. Please complete this form. If you use your own Timing Card, you will be reimbursed £3.60 – you will only receive this discount if you complete the form at least 3 weeks prior to the event you wish to use it in.

Yes you can change from seeded to non seeded. Please change this yourself through your SiEntries account before 3 September 2022. It will not be possible to change from seeded to non seeded at registration as this will have significant impact on event timings. Please get in touch at info@tweedlove.com.

Nope! All you need to do is show us your email confirmation. We’d prefer if you didn’t print it, every little counts!

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