Pirelli TweedLove ProAm – Amateur 2022

TweedLove’s Intermediate level Enduro. It's a proper enduro, but not as long or technical as the Full British Championship course. This race is aimed at those who have out grown Enjoyro-level races but aren't sure about taking on the full British Champs. This race is a little bit more low key — no seeding, just great racing and good times. 

New for 2022 — Pirelli Tweedlove ProAm – Amateur!

This intermediate level enduro is an easier alternative to the Pirelli Tweedlove ProAm – British Champs 2022 race. It’s suitable for riders who want to race an enduro, but don’t wish to take on the full technical and physical demands of the full Pro/British Champs race. A proper enduro, but a bit mellower. The course will still include some challenging riding but won’t be as long or as technical as its pro-level counterpart. It will incorporate some of the British Champs stages as well as some specially selected suitable enduro stages. As ever, its your chance to ride on some of the best enduro trails in the UK. The course, as usual, will be kept under wraps until the event but expect a top-notch mix of great Tweed Valley trails.

(Please Note that there is no E3 category youth class in the Pirelli TweedLove ProAm – British Champs. This race is the replacement for the E3 category.) 



Full Course


  • Youth (E3Y) 14 – 15
  • Junior, Under 18
  • Under 21
  • Senior, 21 – 29
  • Master, 30 – 39,
  • Vet, 40 – 49
  • Grand Vet, 50+


  • Youth (E3Y) 14 – 15
  • Junior, Under 18
  • Under 21
  • Senior, 21 – 34
  • Master, 35 – 45
  • Vet 45+


  • Hardtail
  • e-MTBs*

*Approved e-bikes are standard mountain bike pedelecs with a maximum engine assistance of 25km/h. Tuned or other ebikes are not allowed.



This race is not seeded. If you want to ride with your mates, you’ll need to sign up using the same group name (this can be updated at a later time) so you can start in the same wave. You will be given guide times to start each stage, and there’s an overall course completion time, with penalties if you don’t make it.


The Small Print


Picture credit: Finlay Anderson


Yes, unfortunately if you’ll be under the age of 14 come the 31st December 2022 you’ll need to sit this one out. Racers under age of 16 must be signed on by their parent, or other legal guardian.

Parental permission forms will be sent in advance with participant notes prior to event. Please bring along a signed copy to Registration.

Make sure you are following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

We will send you all the specific event details you need in the form of Riders’ Notes approximately one week before the event. This will include info on the final event schedule, registration, the course, facilities and much much more.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the event, refunds will be available upon request (info@tweedlove.com) as follows:

– Over 2 months prior to event date | 75% refund

– 1-2 months prior to event date | 50% refund

– Less than 1 month prior to event date | No refund

Yes, you can swap your entry yourself in SiEntries to a different rider until 1 month prior to the event. After this time please get in touch at info@tweedlove.com to transfer your entry, at this time there will be an admin charge of £10.00 per ticket. No transfers will be allowed after 2 September 2022.

For safety reasons, NO rider may use another’s rider’s event number without the permission of the event organiser.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer the to defer a ticket to another event, however please get in touch at info@tweedlove.com and we can arrange to refund or transfer your ticket (as outlined above).

Yes, If you own a SPORTident Air Timing / Active Timing Card and it is compatible with the system we are using your can. Please complete this form. If you use your own Timing Card, you will be reimbursed £3.60 – you will only receive this discount if you complete the form at least 3 weeks prior to the event you wish to use it in.

Yes you can change from seeded to non seeded. Please change this yourself through your SiEntries account before 3 September 2022. It will not be possible to change from seeded to non seeded at registration as this will have significant impact on event timings. Please get in touch at info@tweedlove.com.

Nope! All you need to do is show us your email confirmation. We’d prefer if you didn’t print it, every little counts!

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