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Hey everyone,

It’s so good to see some aspects of life starting to get back to normal, but the events industry remains, for obvious reasons, near the back of the queue.

For our remaining 2020 events, it’s still impossible to plan or prepare properly, and when/if we do get a green light it looks certain that we won’t be able to deliver the events as we’ve done previously, and definitely not as we described or advertised them originally. There are so many considerations for participants, crew, staff, and exhibitors, and also issues around services, permissions, insurance, community feelings and more.

… the bad news 

We’re very sad to say it, but TweedLove 2020 is off – it will now all happen in 2021. That includes TweedLove Festival 2020 weekend, our enduros and all our other currently programmed 2020 bike events. Our big 10th birthday year will now take place in 2021 – so we’ll just turn everything up to 11 next year instead! (See below for all the dates and details.)

Transfers, refunds, vouchers…

If you had signed up for one of our events in 2020 you will have received an email from SiEntries or Eventbrite depending on what event you had signed up for;


  • Enjoyro
  • Frog Bikes Family Day
  • TweedLove Bike Festival
  • Gritopia
  • The Bosch eMTB Challenge
  • Cycle Law Scotland Skinny Tweed (issued on 1 June 2020)


  • Triple Crown Enduro Series
    • Vallelujah
    • Tenduro
    • King and Queen of the Hill
  • Glentress Seven (issued on 1 June 2020)

This email will detail all the options for transfers, refunds and vouchers and how to claim these. If you haven’t received an email, but should have, drop us an email at

And the good news?

Well, once we hear what the rules will be for events (later this year), we’re hoping to organise an event or two to celebrate the brighter days ahead. Whatever we are able to do, it won’t be a replica of any event we’ve done before, but it’ll still be a chance to have a cracking time and ride bikes on some great trails and routes. Of course, it can only happen if all the authorities, our community, volunteers, crew – and you – agree it’s a good idea – fingers crossed.


Below are all the dates for the full TweedLove 2021 calendar and we’re delighted to say that if you want to get involved with something else next year too, they will all be on sale on Friday 24 July 2020 over at

TweedLove 2021

Thank you for your ongoing support at such a critical and unsure time for everyone.

Stay safe,

The TweedLove Team