Come join the fun

Despite the tracks and routes being out in the woods and wilds of the Tweed Valley, we love to provide spectators with as many opportunities to watch the action as possible. Nothing can lift the spirits and push a competitor to keep going better than the positive words, cheers or shake of a cow bell from track side observers.

Whether you have a friend or family member participating in an event, or perhaps you just fancy watching something a little different you can make a huge difference to everyone taking part. The easiest way to show your support is to simply make as much noise as you can. Cheering, clapping, cow bells and musical instruments are all encouraged although we would discourage surprise bursts of noise as a rider is attempting a more technical part of a course.

For most events we try to highlight specific spectator viewing areas on our course maps but, so long as you’re not obstructing the course, we’re happy to see people lining the entire route of the event. The main thing that we want for participants and spectators alike is for the entire day or weekend to be fun!



Stay safe

Whilst we want everyone to have fun we also want everyone to be safe. Here are some tips for ensuring you have the best experience:

Use your inner boy scout/girl guide and be prepared

  • Scotland is known for its changeable weather so if you’re heading up into the woods, or out along a long road route be sure to have an extra layer of clothing, and suitable footwear
  • Our events take up the entire day and are normally out the way of built up areas so be sure to take adequate food and drink supplies with you
  • If you’re driving out to a viewing point please park in a safe place

Watch the action, don’t become part of it
The action at our events is generally high speed and, certainly in enduro, has an element of risk. As such there is always a risk of something going wrong. To ensure your personal safety and the participants safety we recommend you:

  • Follow any instructions given to you by our marshals
  • Observe and obey all event signage
  • Pay attention to all riders as they pass, as you never know when things might go wrong (expect the unexpected)
  • Do not stand between the tape or in any way on the course
  • Do not stand on the outside of corners as riders may leave the course at speed
  • Do not stand below a drop feature
  • Do not stand in line with the landing area of a jump/drop feature
  • Do not stand on the actual course/road during the event

Do not distract riders or block the route

  • If you’re taking photos please remember that flash lights will cause distractions
  • If you have children or pets with you please ensure they are under control at all times. Riders moving at speed may not be able to stop in time if they are on the course
  • Do not place anything across any trail, nor should you remove any trail features, unless instructed to do so by an event official

Leave it as you found it

  • In order for us to be able to continue to hold events in the Tweed Valley it is essential that any litter or rubbish is taken away with you and disposed of in an appropriate place
  • We will provide waste bins and recycling points at our event villages but if you’re heading out along the routes please pick up after yourselves and help us keep the valley clean for other users and the local wildlife
  • Please do not take glass items out on the routes as an accident leading to broken glass, even alongside a trail/route could lead to a serious injury both on the day or in the future

And finally

  • If you see a participant who has come off their bike and is in need of assistance you can help by heading up the course to warn other riders who are coming down the track. Either call Event HQ or dial 999 and ask for the Police then Mountain Rescue who will be supporting us on race day.
  • On the back of the rider’s number board you will find the contact number for Event HQ an any medical information that could be useful, so please check this for any specific requirements.

We look forward to seeing you at our events!