Ridelines Natural Tweed 2016

Monday 30 May 2016

Free Event. Limited places.

Open to all riders over 16 years old.

Sold out!


Rider information


Registration is from 8:30am-9:30am in Kingsmeadows Road car park, Peebles, EH45 9EW

Riders must also sign back in when they finish (Victoria Park, Peebles, EH45 9AD)

Rider briefing 9:45am

Ride starts 10am


This year’s route takes in 3 loops. You can choose to do one, two or all 3 loops. You can choose the escape routes once you’re in the Glen Estate if you feel tired.

Loop 1 on its own is 25km. so allow 3 hours.

Loop 1 and 2 together is 34km so allow 4 hours.

Loops 1, 2 and 3 together is for the fit and the hardy only and is 52km in total. Please allow 6 hours.

Maps and full route description will be provided at registration.



It’s only natural to want to explore the Tweed Valley backcountry, and that’s exactly what this event is all about. The route, hand-picked with a lot of local knowledge by Ridelines, will take you up some big hills with massive views and to places you almost certainly won’t have been before, with some superb descents guaranteed.


It’s a friendly ride and most reasonably fit riders should manage the challenges, but it is a route that takes you out into remote locations so don’t underestimate the ride.  We have encountered some less than friendly weather in previous years, so come prepared and follow all the good advice provided by Andy from Ridelines.


The route will be around 45km and you should allow between three and five hours to complete (the super fit will be quicker). There will be support from qualified guides, however, this is fundamentally a self-guided, self-sufficient day out so you should come prepared – you’ll be given a printed map and a full route description on the day.


Please note as this ride is self-guided and you’re responsible for looking after yourself. The route may go into high and remote country so carry sufficient clothing and food. Riders are responsible for signing back in when they finish. This event may not be suitable for novice mountain-bikers. You should also carry a mobile phone.


Some basic rules for the event:

– Make sure you have sufficient food and spare clothes. Dress for the weather

– If you’re in doubt of your fitness, cut the route short at one of the escape routes

– Check the map regularly. If bailing out, all roads will get you back to Peebles safely if needed

– RIDE RESPONSIBLY, close all gates and be courteous to all other land users. Help us portray an exemplary image for mountain biking

– Respect all farm land and animals. There will be young calves and lambs around so slow down to when necessary to avoid frightening them. Natural Tweed is not a race and respect (Scottish Outdoor Access Code) is the order of the day.

– Leave no litter.

– Take extra care on all road sections.




Want to get involved in other ways?

Join us as a volunteer by signing up here or drop us a line and we’ll be in touch! It’s a lot of fun (honest) and you’ll have Bike Valley’s eternal thanks!


Natural Tweed


This ride is possible due to the co-operation of local landowners and the Scottish Access Outdoor Code, please respect the countryside and ensure that you follow all the guidance provided at the event briefing to ensure a successful event for everyone.


Natural Tweed is sponsored by skills and tuition company Ridelines.