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 Sorry, this event is now fully subscribed! 

Practice 28 March / Race 29 March 2015
Start/Finish: Selkirk  £45.00

Vallelujah! It’s our brand new enduro event. This is an all new enduro set in the forests, hills and vales around Selkirk. These trails have never been used for enduro racing before, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to be stoked when you see what we’ve got in store.

We’re very excited about this event, but the trails used will be kept closely under wraps until the event itself. The stages are going to be awesome, with the same top quality but a contrast in style from further up the Tweed Valley.

Expect a variety of hand cut and natural trails, with overall distance and technical difficulty similar to the King and Queen. You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy these events, but they will contain sections of technical riding which will challenge everyone, especially taken at speed. We always aim to set courses which have a lot of flow and leave you wanting to ride it all over again! Four race stages to make you smile (we hope!), with safety, great riding and good times the priorities.




Vallelujah is held on Forestry Commission Scotland’s Forest trails. Start and finish in Selkirk.



All info and full terms and conditions on the entry page.

Vallelujah Enduro race is held in the Tweed Valley, using a variety of great trails. It features four timed stages and untimed linking stages, taking riders on a tour of some great mountain bike trail riding.

All the stages are descents, and vary from technically easy to technical in places. There is a lot of climbing to do to reach the starts of all the stages, and the race is intended to be a test of strength, fitness and your technical ability on the descents.

Location and dates

Start & Finish: Selkirk

Saturday 28 March

Race Registration  (8am – 4pm)

Unmarshalled practice – (8am – 4pm)

Event briefing (4pm-4:15pm)


Sunday 29 March

Race Registration (7:30am-10am)

Event briefing (8:15am-8:30am)

Race Day (start times between 8:30am and 10:30am)


Event Rules