2013 Archive: POC King & Queen of the Hill




Saturday 25 – Sunday 26 May 2013
Sold Out

Practice 25 May / Race 26 May : Tweed Valley / Glentress Forest
Registration & event start: Peebles Tweed Green
Entry fee: £39

There’s no doubt that Enduro is the most talked about format in mountain bike racing right now. With the bikes getting better, lighter and more capable every year, this is what riding is all about for a lot of people: pedal up a nice trail and then hammer back down as fast as you can.

The first TweedLove Enduro (2012) was a big success, but we’ve tweaked the format of this year’s race to increase the grin factor further – by including even more of the valley’s fantastic descents. The course makes the most of the massive variety of trail riding here, in a five stage race which features the sweetest descents on man-made Glentress trails, through to steeper technical trails on the valley’s finest natural dirt, roots and rock.

The number one course priority is quality trail riding, and the overall ethos for the event is to provide a physically challenging, fun race with good times and safety the key factors.

Also new for 2013 is a town centre event HQ, so the event village should be buzzing all day with riders and spectators.

The POC King & Queen of the Hill is held on Forestry Commission Scotland’s Forest trails. Start and finish in the centre of Peebles.

Big thanks to POC – a Swedish company with a great ethos and superb products.

Additional prizes of pro level fitness testing from Napier University, who work with many of the country’s top athletes.



The POC King & Queen of the Hill is an Enduro race, held in the Tweed Valley, and using a variety of great trails – man-made and natural. It features at least five timed stages and untimed linking stages, taking riders on a tour of some great mountain bike trail riding.

All the stages are descents, and vary from technically easy to really quite tricky. There is a lot of climbing to do to reach the starts of all the stages, and the race is intended to be a test of strength, fitness and your technical ability to razz all the descents.


Location and dates

Tweed Green, Peebles

Saturday 25 May

Race Registration Saturday  – times TBC

Unmarshalled practice: selected trail sections only


Sunday 26 May:

Race Registration (7.30am-9.30am)

Race Day (start times between 9am and 11am)


Getting there and parking

There is parking available in the town car parks on Edinburgh Road, Greenside or Kingsmeadows Road.

There will be signposts to the Event Village from all of the major roads into Peebles



There will be changing facilities at the Event Village.  There are loos on site and public toilets in the town.

There will food and drink vendors at the Event Village, with water and some tasty carbohydrates to eat out on the course.

First Aid – the organisers will provide first aid and medical support


T&Cs: Rules and event regulations

Registration and practice

  • Sign on is at Tweed Green, Peebles on the Saturday afternoon and the Sunday morning (7.30-9.30am).
  • You must sign on to receive your timing dibber and number board.
  • All competitors should sign on and pick up their event number and timing dibber before riding (including practice) the course.
  • You must provide an emergency contact number.
  • Practice is only permitted on the sections of course indicated and race number boards should be attached to your bars.
  • Please note that Saturday practice on the various stages is unmarshalled and there may be other riders using the trails. The stages in Glentress are likely to be in use by many other riders/members of the public. You are free to ride and inspect these trails any time prior to the event, but, and it’s a seriously-intended BUT:

Under no circumstances will aggressive riding or behaviour towards other trail centre users be tolerated. Any race entrant found to be discourteous in any way to other riders will be disqualified from the race and future events. Please note there will be event officials marking out and checking these sections of the course on Saturday.

  • On race day all race sections of the course will be open to racers only and completely closed to the public. However, link (untimed) stages are open to the public.
  • Stages 4 and 5 are not open for practice until Saturday 25 May 2013.
  • Race briefing will be at 8.45am on Sunday 26th May – you must attend this.



  • You will be given a start time at Registration for the Race (between 9am and 11am). This will be on a sticker, which must be attached to your number board in the location shown on the board. The sticker also shows the time by which you must finish the complete course.
  • Start times are allocated on a first-come, first to choose basis. Getting to registration early will give you the most choice in start times.
  • If you want to race the course in a group of your mates, please make sure you all register at the same time (and early), that way you should all be given similar start times.
  • You must finish the complete course within set time limit.  This info will be recorded by your dibber.
  • For every minute you go past your allocated latest Finish time, you will receive an additional 5 minute penalty – so if you are 5 minutes late you will receive a 10 minute penalty.
  • If you finish more than 30 minutes after you allocated latest Finish time you will be disqualified.
  • There is enough slack in the overall time allowance for the whole course that an averagely fit and fast rider will have spare time for food stops and will not have to totally beast themselves to get round the course.
  • You must dib your timing chip on leaving the event village start area, and when you have completed all the stages you must dib at the finish point station when returning to the event village, having completed all the stages.
  • Your timing dibber will record all your stage start and finish times. Any rider who has not dibbed at all stage starts and finishes, and at the overall event village start and finish, will be disqualified.
  • You can only ride each stage once.
  • All riders’ times are logged and available at the finish. On handing in your dibber, you will be given a print-out of all your times.
  • A fine of £30 will be applied if you do not return your dibber – and you won’t get your times!
  • A sweeper will go round the course at the end.
  • If you retire for any reason please inform an event official.
  • Prize-giving will be at 4.30pm (ish)
  • All results will be posted on the event website asap after the event.


Number boards

  • Every rider will get a number board. Number boards must be fixed on the handlebars (we’ll provide the zip ties) and must be readable throughout the competition.
  • Medical conditions and Emergency contacts must be completed on the reverse of the number board.
  • Your start and finish time sticker must be attached to the number board.


Who wins?

  • There are 5 timed stages.  Total time over the five stages will be used to work out who has won.  All stages will be included. This year there is no option to drop your slowest stage – they all count so no slacking.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest in each of the categories above will receive a prize.
  • In the event of a tie, the highest placed rider in the final stage of the race will be awarded a higher placing.
  • The fastest man and woman (irrespective of category) will be crowned the King and Queen of the Hill.



All entries are solo – no team/combined entries.

Junior Men ages 16 -18, Senior Men 19 – 29, Master Men 30-39, Vet Men 40 – 49, Super Vet Men 50 and over

Senior Women 19 – 39, Vet Women 40+

Racers under age of 18 must be signed on by their Parent, or other legal guardian. No racers under 16 years old.


Course map and all info will be emailed to all entrants prior to the event. The course will have at least five stages, all of which are downhill stages, but some may contain uphill sections.

The stages vary from fun trail centre descents which take on a new character when taken at speed, to steep, natural trails with technical sections.

Transitions between stages will vary in length and vertical, but put together it’s a fairly big day out with a lot of up and down.

Food and water

Feed and water stations will be available along the course, but all riders are responsible to supply sufficient food to complete the ride.

Bikes, safety, courtesy, common sense

  • The course features climbs and descents on a wide variety of trail surfaces. All riders must complete the entire course on the same bike – frame, suspension (rear and front), wheels and tyres
  • Marshals and riding marshals will be on duty throughout the course, and anyone found to be changing equipment/wheels etc will be disqualified. New tubes are fine of course.
  • In case of a mechanical failure leading to the need for major equipment replacement e.g. ripped tyre, you must inform a marshal before restarting the race on the replacement.
  • No electric bikes, mountain bikes only; 26, 29 or 650B all acceptable.
  • Signage will be in place along the entire course warning traffic of the event, but riders are always responsible for their own safety.
  • The transition/linking sections include public roads with traffic present, where you must ride responsibly and considerately, and follow the Highway Code at all times. For riders from abroad, please remember to ride on the left.
  • Every rider is responsible for their bike and equipment. The condition, quality and construction should be suitable to ensure the safety of riders or other persons.
  • All equipment used at an event must be fit for purpose and ridden / used at riders own risk.
  • Helmets are compulsory and must be done up properly at all times when cycling (including climbing). They must be in good condition. Helmets can be full-face or open style.
  • Bar end plugs must be fitted.
  • Gloves, and pads for elbows and knees are strongly advised
  • Other recommended equipment:
  • Mobile phone – if you have one please carry it!
  • Full body cover and waterproof jacket if conditions cold/wet
  • Suitable backpack,
  • Emergency blanket,
  • Innertubes/ puncture repair kit,
  • Multi tool,
  • Basic, well maintained first aid kit,
  • Map,
  • Food and fluids,
  • Eye protection (glasses or goggles),
  • Failure to comply with gear regulations will result in disqualification.
  • Riders must be courteous and aware of other cyclists around you. Slower riders must allow faster riders to pass by pulling over at a suitable place to enable a safe overtaking move. Riders catching the rider in front must clearly (and politely) indicate which side they wish to pass on.
  • Foul or abusive language and poor behaviour will not be tolerated and will mean disqualification from this and possibly other future TweedLove events. Everyone’s here to have a good time.
  • Moving any posts holding course marking tape will result in disqualification from the event.
  • Riders going through or under/over course tape and short-cutting the course will be disqualified.
  • The race is open to all riders, and no licence is required.
  • Riders must obey all event marshals’ and event officials’ instructions.
  • Riders can not accept support (e.g. spares, repairs) from a non-racer.
  • Instant disqualification for acceptance of any form of assisted transport (e.g. motor vehicle)
  • Please don’t drop any litter – marshals will have bin bags!

Event Cancellation or Change of Event Date

If the safety of riders and staff becomes an issue we may have to cancel an event, or if we have to cancel the event for reasons outwith our control, this will be announced on our website as soon as possible before the event, and riders will receive a refund minus an admin fee.

If an event is cancelled due to adverse or dangerous conditions any time after 17.00 on the Thursday before the event we will refund a percentage of the entry fee taking in account any outlaid costs.

Refund Policy

If for any reason you are unable to attend the event refunds will be available on request (info@tweedlove.com) as follows:

  • Up to end of 7th May 2013 – full refund available
  • From 7th May onwards – no refunds available

No rider may use another’s rider’s event number.


Riders attend the event on their own account and at their own risk. The rider is responsible for the safety of his bike and clothes. The organization is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any injuries and/or damages as results of any action during the event, or during practice for the event.

The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any rider in breach of any of these regulations.

This agreement starts with the entry. The organisation reserves the right to make any necessary changes or even to cancel the whole event according to safety problems at any time, official orders, government laws or other unforeseen events.

The organisers will endeavor to give all entrants a time derived from the electronic timing chip system provided. However, they are not responsible in the unlikely event of fault in the electronic timing system.


Protests against the result or disqualifications should be addressed to the Event Organisers within the 30 minutes following the end of the race.


Waiver of liability

Every rider understands and admits that his participation in the event is voluntary. He/she assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages from his/her participation in, or practice for, the event. He/she recognises and understands that mountain biking and the activities associated with this event may be hazardous, that his/her participation is solely at his/her own risk and that he/she assumes full responsibility for any resulting injuries and damages that may occur.

Every rider affirms that he/she is in good health. He/she declares that he/she is physically fit and capable to participate in the event. Every rider understands it can be a strenuous day out with significant amounts of climbing and distance to be cycled in order to complete the course.

Every rider has to acknowledge that he/she has read and understand this entire waiver of liability and agrees to be legally bound by it.




The event officials hold the right to withdraw starters if they feel there is a danger for the starter or any other person. In addition to this agreement the organisation refers to the safety rules and racing agreement defined by British Cycling and the UCI.


Registration terms

By using our Registration system to register your details, or enter an event you consent to the conditions described below:

You must be at least 18 years old to use this entry system. You may only use the system for registering your own details and for those of other friends, family and club mates who have granted their permission.

When entering an event we ask for each person’s name, date of birth, gender and for any other details required by the event. When entering events on behalf of other people you must obtain their permission to provide this data before entering them.

Receiving Emails

To register for this event you must provide a valid email address so we can send you confirmation of your registration and of any entries you make. The email address supplied (and any email addresses given when registering other people) may be used by the Event Organiser to send out information about the events you enter. It may also be used by them for up to twelve months after the event ends to send follow-up information about the event / membership and any future events / memberships they may organise.

Currency of Purchase

All transactions will be conducted in Pounds Sterling. An invoice will not be supplied with the confirmation of your entry, although a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

Data protection Act 1998

By submitting an application to take part in an event, the participants also allow the event organisers to use personal data for campaigns and activities connected to the events.


The personal data and entry specific information you give will be used by the Event Organisers for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results and of maintaining membership information. We will not pass this data to any other third party. Credit and Debit card details are held solely by the Payment Service Provider and are unknown to the Event Organisers.


The organisers shall have unlimited rights to publish pictures of the participants; to forward these photos to press representatives and to use them for marketing activities.