Female and fast June 19, 2012

Here’s two blogs, well worth a read, from the two fastest women at TweeLove 2012. Katy Winton, POC Queen of the Hill 2012, and Lucy Grant, who came SO close in the Peebles Sprint…




TweedLove Stories June 19, 2012

Calum Darling made some great promos for us leading up to the festival. Great trails and some sweeeet riding!

Eleven days in pictures June 19, 2012

Ian Linton was doing the whole photo documentary thing for us. Here’s a taste of TweedLove 2012, Ian’s pics plus some other contributions. Thanks everyone for their great photos.

> Check out 2012 event photos here

TweedLove Stories: The Men Who Would Be King May 4, 2012

In a film to showcase the great trails in the POC King & Queen of the Hill enduro race, this is a lesson in how to ride Glentress at full throttle. Chris Ball of Dirt School and Ruaridh Cunningham (Alpine Bikes/POC) show what’s needed if you really want to rule the trails.