TweedLove Family Ride video June 21, 2015

Here’s a great edit from Chris Archer from the TweedLove Family Ride. No cars, no hassle, just riding bikes. Perfect!

Great stuff to watch June 16, 2015

Check this lot out!

Local Heroes: No 1 Iain Grant February 25, 2014

Tell us how you’ve contributed to the success of biking in the Tweed Valley (don’t be modest!) – Back in 93 + 94 I organised the first mountain bike cross country races and held them at The Golf course at Innerleithen which were also the East Of Scotland Mountain Bike Champs. – Also co organised the first Downhill Race at Innerleithen with my friend Tom Ferguson who then had the shop Probikesport. – Designed and got funding with my friend Grant Martin to build the Skills Area up at Glentress. – Also in early 90’s organised for five years The Tour Of The Meldons Mountain TT which was also East Of Scotland Time Trial Champs. – Helped run PCC Club for the last ten years and help organising all their many events. – Help out at Scottish Cycling talent weekends, mainly at Innerleithen and Glentress.

What do you enjoy most about biking? I enjoy the freedom of biking and a great thing to do with your family and friends.

What’s your favourite local ride? Gypsy Glen every time.

What would you say to encourage others to come and ride here? I would tell people to ride here because of the beautiful scenery and the great variety of trail riding and natural riding. But mainly because everywhere is very welcoming and the weather always amazing.

How do you see the future of cycling in the Tweed Valley? I see the future of the tweed valley flourishing with the sheer diversity of the trails and the fantastic work done by local cycling clubs and of course The Tweedlove Festival.

Next ride-outs – dates! January 12, 2014

TweedLove Ride-outs y’all…

Sunday 26th January – meet at 1000 at Innerleithen Car Park. Two groups heading out – an Easy/Moderate ride (with some cake along the way) and also a Moderate/Hard ride (with no cakes but some steeps and just perhaps the odd slippy root instead – tasty!)

And for the diary – Sunday 9th March – two more: meet at 1000 at Kingsmeadows Car Park, Peebles for a Moderate/Hard ride. Also a women’s ride – meet at 1000 at the shower block at the Peel Car park at Glentress.

Everyone welcome

N.B. These are not guided rides, it’s just people getting together for a ride. So you are responsible for yourself and your bike and all that stuff.

Enduro News: King & Queen of the Hill 2014 – now open for entries December 4, 2013


Practice 23 August / Race 24 August : Tweed Valley / Glentress Forest

The 2014 Scottish Open Enduro is now open for entries, with a 15% discount for early entry. Standard price has been kept to 2013 level of £39, meaning you can book a place in the race (which was Scotland’s most popular enduro in 2013) for a few pence over £33.

We reckon this will be the best, and now the best value, enduro in Scotland in 2014.

FOR EARLY ENTRY DISCOUNT – 15% OFF – use code WINTEROFFER on entry page


What do you get?

  • A superb weekend of riding and racing on some of the UK’s best trails
  • Race stages which will include some of the Enduro World Series course
  • Personalised number board
  • Top quality event organisation
  • Latest technology (reliable and accurate) timing system
  • Town centre event village with vendors, mechanical back-up, quality food and drink
  • All riders introduced on stage before heading down start ramp
  • TweedLove goodie bag
  • Chance to be crowned Scottish Open Enduro Champion!

It’s a TweedLove Enduro extra weekend!

More info here.

There’s so much happening in the two weeks of TweedLove 2014 (most notably the first UK round of the Enduro World Series) we’re adding this as an extra weekend of summer enduro race action on August 23-24.

The race will use some of the valley’s finest trails, with stages likely to include parts of the Enduro World Series course, we’re aiming to make this Scotland’s finest, most enjoyable and best value homegrown enduro. This is a big, one-off belter of a race to decide who will wear the crowns as Scottish Open Champions for 2014. The course makes the most of the massive variety of trail riding here, with the sweetest descents on man-made trails, through to steeper technical trails on the valley’s finest natural dirt, roots and rock.

There’s no doubt that Enduro is the most talked-about thing in mountain biking right now. With the bikes getting better, lighter and more capable every year, this is what riding is all about for a lot of people: pedal up a nice trail with your mates and then hammer back down as fast as you can. In 2013, the King and Queen was Scotland’s most popular enduro and one of the biggest in the UK . For 2014 it’ll have the same buzzing Peebles town centre event HQ and we’re planning to have even better riding than we had this year – the number one course priority is quality trail riding, and the overall ethos for the event is to provide a physically challenging, fun race with good times and safety the key factors.


The King & Queen of the Hill is held on Forestry Commission Scotland’s Forest trails. Start and finish in the centre of Peebles.

Glentress Seven: Entries open, earlybird discount November 27, 2013


Saturday 24 May 2014: The first event of TweedLove Bike Festival 2014

TweedLove’s flagship endurance race, the Glentress Seven, is now open for entries. The seven hour endurance race is always one of the festival’s most popular events, as riders battle it out around Glentress, on a course featuring some trail centre favourites and many ‘secret’ trails, open only for race day. It’s open to solos, pairs and trios, so you can go at the dirt as hard or easy as you like. We’re pleased to tell you a 20 per cent early bird discount on all entries is in place until mid-December. After December normal prices will resume, with no increase from 2013.


Solo : £43 – for 20% discount use code: 7UPSOLO
Pair : £80 – for 20% discount use code: 7UPPAIR
Trio : £114 – for 20% discount use code: 7UPTRIO

Enter here

This event is all about the quality of the ride, and enjoying a great social at the same time – it’s a trail race more than a pure XC contest. The 2014 course is currently being finalised, but the aim is to keep lots of everyone’s favourite sections, and add a more new favourite sections too. The ‘Free Cake’ shop will be back at a prominent mid-course refuelling point. We also have plans to redesign the event village and team member transition area, so the event HQ should be buzzing all day.

More info here 

2014 Programme update – first events opening soon! November 14, 2013


Enduro World Series Update

We’ve just heard back from EMBA that their entry system is scheduled to go live mid February. There will be plenty of places available for non-elite/pro categories, but get in quick when it opens – in Finale there was a waiting list of 300 riders. The international media have started talking about it already, and local accommodation is starting to get booked up. More info from us on accommodation soon too.

GT7 start 2013

Glentress Seven 2014: May 24

With a tweaked course to keep all the best bits, and add even more best bits, this event’s all about the trails. Entries opening very soon, discount code will be set up for early entries. We’ll email it to you a day or two in advance. Picture quiz: Who’s the most relaxed rider on the 2013 GT7 start line? Second from right, in black – Santa Cruz Bicycles owner Rob Roskopp, who’s clearly seen all this before!

TweedLove extra weekend:

There’s so much happening next year, we can’t actually fit it all into two weeks, so we’re having an extra weekend of enduro race action on August 23-24.  Ladies, gents and shredders everywhere, we’re delighted to unveil a new version of the Tweed Valley classic:

King and Queen of the Hill – The Scottish Open Enduro


Using some of the valley’s finest trails, and with a nod here and there to the EWS course, we’re aiming to make this Scotland’s finest, most enjoyable homegrown enduro. This is a big, one-off belter of a race to decide who will wear the crowns as Scottish Open Champions for 2014. More info and entry places all coming soon, but all nationalities and all kinds of riders welcome – the course will be a winner.

Threads for shreds


We have some great TweedLove riding tops and tees available on our new online shop – both men’s, women’s and some kids tops too. Check it out here.

New Cat on the team


We’re delighted to welcome Cat Smith, the better-looking half (sorry Trev!) of the very popular SummitDown riding trips partnership, who has joined us to work on TweedLove 2014 and other event plans. Fresh back from a long summer in the Alps and Europe’s best riding spots, Cat’s getting used to lactic burn and pas de uplift again – she’ll be back on the Strava glory trail soon though…

The Valley needs YOU!

Since we’re going to be hosting one of the biggest mountain bike events in the Europe, we’re gonna need some extra help! We’re going to need more marshals and volunteers to do a stack of fun (really) jobs. Put your name down on the website and we’ll tell you more about it and what we can give you back as thanks. For a start you’ll get a limited edition TweedLove t-shirt and a chance to win Alpine Bikes vouchers and other goodies.

In Good Company?

We also need support from local businesses to help put on a great show next year. We might not have the kind of financial support that some of the world’s other great bike venues do, but we do have an amazing local community. There are a few specific things we need help with, like:
• Broadband/technical expertise and support.
• 4 x 4′s/vans/vehicles for use during the event.
• a limited amount of timber supplies (ramps etc).
• Joinery help.
• Outdoor site power expertise/electricians.
• Volunteer security.
• Stage & lighting provision

If you’d like to help please get in touch with us at  There will be benefits for your business as well as helping the festival. And if there are any sponsors out there who’d like to join the story, please get in touch.



New TweedLoveride-out date is up. 10am, Saturday 7 December, but venues to be decided. Weather and conditions dependent, but we’re planning two groups, one will be mostly more natural, enduro-type trails, and the other will probably be a social ride round the blue at Glentress, or similar. More details on Facebook and Twitter soon.

Red hot and skinny

Tour O' the Borders.

Congratulations to the mighty Endura Tour o’ the Borders, relaunched for 2014, with aforementioned new sponsor, closed roads and a summer date (August 10). Great idea folks, summer tarmac is where it’s at for skinny wheels… Seems ra people have spoken in agreement, at time of writing the event had only been open for entries for a few days and already heading for over 1000 riders. We hear it will have over 3000 heading out of Peebles next year, which will feel incredible to be part of. Early discount code available at the mo too.


Enduro World Series event announced for TweedLove August 24, 2013


We’re delighted to announce that the first-ever UK round of the Enduro World Series will be hosted by TweedLove Bike Festival next year. An announcement from the Enduro des Nations in Val d’Isere, France, confirmed that the Enduro World Series will be staged on the weekend of 31 May – 1 June 2014 in the Tweed Valley, in the Scottish Borders.


We’re thrilled to be putting this event on, and it will build from the very successful POC King and Queen of the Hill race we’re put on for the last two years. Everyone at TweedLove is incredibly excited to welcome the world’s best riders to come and ride the Tweed Valley’s big network of trails.

The series includes many of the world’s finest mountain bike destinations and we’re proud to have joined that list – we’re looking forward to putting on a great event which will provide a fantastic and unique Scottish Borders experience for everyone. The EWS events are a great celebration of mountain biking in themselves, so this fits well with what TweedLove Bike Festival is all about – having a great time riding bikes.

We’re sure the big community of riders living here will help provide a massive, warm Scottish welcome when the world comes next May.


More information is available on the event page of this site, and full details will be released when finalised, but you can get the news as it comes by signing up for updates and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Here’s a video edit of what TweedLove is all about.


2013 – Loved Up August 23, 2013

TweedLove 2013, sponsored by Alpine Bikes, was a big hotcha from start to finish, with great weather, amazing riding and a stack of visitors all getting the bike-love valley vibe. Before going any further we need to say a huge thanks to everyone who got involved – all you riders, racers, kids, parents, volunteers, media, marshals (especially you amazing marshals), spectators, sponsors – you all made it the best ten days of bikey celebrations this country has ever seen…

AFTER WEEKS of cold and wet weather, somebody finally hit the ‘on’ switch for summer – on enduro practice day. Awesome!

photo (2)

So the POC King and Queen of the Hill weekend arrived with wall to wall heat and blue sky. If practice day was hot, the race day action was hotter, but great fun and an incredibly friendly vibe start to finish. (more…)

TweedLove Ride-outs August 20, 2013

003_natural 2013

Diaries out – here are the dates for the next bunch of TweedLove Ride-out dates.
We’ve got more trails than ever to choose from, and we might be doing some skinny rides too – but more on that soon.
So get the diary out for fat tyres, good friends/new friends and some sweet singletrack.
Sunday 1 September 2pm, starting at Kingsmeadows car park in Peebles. It’s likely we’ll have a few groups going out, given it’ll be so sunny and all. There’s a moderate route planned, and a women’s easy ride too. Depending on how many/who turns up we might split the moderate ride and go scout some enduro trails for some steeper fun too.
After that it’s looking like an enduro trail special on 27 October, and a cool ride (very cool probably) on 7 December. See you there.

Remember these are free to join rides, where you can join us for a friendly, informal ride, generally on non-trail centre routes. You’re responsible for yourself, your bike, your snacks and your own safety.