TweedLove Enduros 2019

Three of the finest and most enjoyable enduro races you’ll find anywhere


The Events

The Triple Crown – Ride all three enduros

The three best quality enduro races in the UK? That’s our aim for what was the best attended enduro series in both 2017 and 2018, all hosted within the trail-riding mecca of the Tweed Valley. Riders completing all three rounds are eligible for the Triple Crown title. The Triple Crown title will be awarded to the overall fastest male and female, regardless of category, across all three races. 

The Triple Crown races
BEMBA National Enduro Series ROUND 5: King and Queen of the Hill

Adult Entry £185

Youth Entry £133 (14-15 E3Y)

Vallelujah – 23rd and 24th March 2019

Event HQ: Glentress

Adult Entry £60
Youth Entry £48 (14-15 E3Y)

Transcenduro 2019 – 7th and 8th June 2019

Event HQ: Transcend Festival HQ, Innerleithen

Adult Entry £65.  includes festival entry 

Transcenduro Boost 2019 – 9th June 2019 *

*Youth (14-15 E3Y) are not able to ride the main Transcenduro due to age restrictions triple crown points will therefore be generated from results in the Transcenduro Boost

Youth Entry £40 (14-15 E3Y)

BEMBA National Enduro Series – Round 5

King and Queen of the Hill 2019 – 17th and 18th August 2019
Event HQ: Innerleithen

Adult Entry £65
Youth Entry £50 (14-15 E3Y)

TweedLove Triple Crown 2019

The TweedLove Triple Crown is back for 2019, with new races, new courses, new stages and SI Air system timing at all three rounds. This is the place to come for enduro racing in 2019, with some of the finest enduro tracks in the UK. A limited number of earlybird entries are available for each of the three races, and a number of discounted entries for the full Triple Crown.

We aim to provide the best courses, best organisation, best atmosphere and the friendliest, best value enduro events in the country. We’ve built up a great track record over the last eight years hosting the biggest international enduro races right through to local community races, and we’ll be working harder than ever to make sure everyone has a great, safe, and rad time racing with us in 2019.

All riders can choose if they want to be seeded for each of the races or, alternatively, they can choose a start time at event registration so they can ride with their mates all the way round the course. Seeded riders have pre-set start times for every stage of the race and face penalties if they miss their start times. Being seeded means you will have much less chance of encountering traffic while on the race course, with no uncertain queuing and pre-determined stage start times. Riding with your mates is the more sociable option but you have no idea how the traffic in front of you may effect your run.  

The Triple Crown includes :

  • Vallelujah
  • Transcenduro* 
  • King and Queen (BNES – Round 5)

*Riders in the 14-15 age category are not eligible to enter the Transcenduro therefore the triple crown will include the Transcenduro Boost as a replacement. 


Saturday 23- Sunday 24 March 2019

Event start & HQ – Glentress, Tweed Valley, Scottish Borders

A TweedLove enduro adventure. The trails used will be kept under wraps until the event, but the stages will provide an awesome day out – and something a wee bit different. 

The course will feature a variety of hand cut and natural trails. This event is usually* a little mellower than the other two races, but will still contain technical riding and a tough physical test. We always aim to set courses which have a lot of flow and leave you wanting to ride it all over again. The overall ethos is to provide a fun race – with adventure, challenge, good times and safety as the key factors. *depending on track conditions and weather this does not always apply.

  • Saturday 23 March: Race registration and unmarshalled practice
  • Sunday 24 March: Race Registration (7:30am – 10am) and race day!

Transcenduro 2019 

Friday 7 – Saturday 8 June 2019

Event start & HQ – Tweed Valley, Scottish Borders

Headline enduro of TweedLove Transcend Festival Friday 7 – Sunday 9 June 2019

Go Full Enduro! A brand new TweedLove enduro for Transcend Festival – more awesome trails, more braw cake at the feed stations and probably more rubbish bants from your pals, all in one fabulous day of riding, so you can fully enjoy all the the festival craic afterwards.

Practice on Friday if you want, but race day is Saturday and blind racing is just fine with us. What’s more fun than dropping into a Tweed Valley banger without knowing what’s round the next berm? Exactly.

On Sunday you can do another event, just hang out and enjoy the festival, jump on an uplift… or go shred some of the trails around the valley.

  • Friday 7 June: Race registration and unmarshalled practice
  • Saturday 8 June: Race Registration (7:30am – 10am) and race day
  • Expo Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Please note format/schedule may change.

BEMBA National Enduro Series – Round 5

King and Queen of the Hill 2019

Saturday 17 – Sunday 18 August 2019, Tweed Valley, Scottish Borders

Event start & HQ – Tweed Valley, Scottish Borders

This event is a UK enduro classic. The course will make the most of the massive variety of trail riding here, with the sweetest descents on the valley’s finest dirt, roots and rock.

As part of the BEMBA National Enduro series 2019, you can expect pro athletes mixing it up with the rest of us and battling it out. For ambitious first timers or pros – we really are all in this together!

  • Saturday 17 August: Race registration and unmarshalled practice: selected trail sections only
  • Sunday 18 August: Race registration (7:30am – 10am) and race day!


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